Why Lalla Real Estate?
We have a large pool of potential buyers.
We will help you price your house correctly and competitively.
Your time is precious which is why we, not the homeowner, conduct all showings.
We can pre-screen buyers to make sure they are qualified.
We give added protection from lawsuit risks.

Prior to listing your home
In order to get the maximum amount for your home, your home must be presented as clean, well maintained and clutter free. Our agents will preview the property and make recommendations prior to photographing and listing the home.

The following are few helpful tips to follow to have your house in the best shape for showing:
Improve first impressions by making sure the exterior of the home, including the house, lawn and gardens, are clean and appealing.
‘Less is more’ – This is the time to sell, donate, or throw away items you don’t need or move some items into storage to keep rooms from being cluttered.
Touch up paint as needed, both in and outside.
Replace flooring if it appears badly worn or dated.
Make sure the interior is odor-free and fresh. Pet odor can be a huge problem.
Have a blank slate. Remove family photos and personal belongings. You want buyers to imagine them living in the home.
Have a pre-listing inspection performed. It will be done once the house is under contract so here’s your chance to address problems in advance.
Our agents can recommend a professional stager if determined this could help improve the homes appeal and increase interest.

The Listing Process
Our agents will photograph your home and make note of the details and any special characteristics of your home. These photos and information will be displayed on MLS and other online search sites and used in various other ways to market your home.

While listed
Always vacate the house when it is being shown to potential buyers. They need to be allowed to take their time in viewing the home.
Have fresh flowers in the entryway or dining room for occupied homes. This helps the house to feel more like a home.
Don’t get discouraged. It only takes one buyer to fall in love with your home and want to purchase it.

Accepting an offer
Our agents will present you all offers received and provide advice on how to respond. Our goal is to help you negotiate to ensure you receive the best price for your home. We will guide you through the offer/counter-offer process, inspections, and on to closing, answering any questions and providing guidance along the way. The end goal is a successful closing and a satisfied customer. Recommendations are important in this business and we want to earn yours.